Peter's work spans a range of media including national and local newspapers, travel and outdoor magazines, B2B publications, consumer websites, guidebooks and travel anthologies. Below is a selection of his recent work. Click on the images to read the articles.


Why Pakistan should be your pick for a post-lockdown adventure

The Telegraph

Add a sense of adventure to lockdown exercise with a microchallenge

The Independent

How to search high – and local – for new outdoor adventures

The i Paper

The Djibouti lake posing as paradise

BBC Travel

Trekking to K2 base camp in Pakistan: everything you need to know

Lonely Planet

Q&A: Natural Highlights of Costa Rica

National Geographic

I Escaped a Wildfire in the Arctic Circle

Fodor's Travel

12 of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations


Escaping wildfire on Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail

Cicerone Guides

Park Life: Experience the Yorkshire Dales

Wired for Adventure Magazine

The Bizarre Legend Behind Myanmar’s Strangest Sight

Fodor's Travel

Nature is flourishing under lockdown

Atlas & Boots

Secret Croatia: Explore the Velebit Mountains

Wired for Adventure Magazine

My search for silence on Greenland's Arctic Circle Trail

Lonely Planet

The countries that eat the most meat must change

Atlas & Boots

Mount Elbrus: how to climb Europe’s highest peak

Lonely Planet

11 of the coolest passport stamps of the world


Climbing Uluru: a step too far

Atlas & Boots

10 unknown breathtaking hikes around the world

Business Insider

4 treks for would-be mountaineers

G Adventures

Climb Mongolia’s highest peak

Lonely Planet


Climb every mountain: adventurer on his lockdown challenge

Living Magazine

Richmond writer hikes every Yorkshire Dales mountain

Yorkshire Post

Climb every mountain: aiming high for a peak performance

This Is Y Magazine

Outdoorsman hikes to the top of all 41 peaks in the Yorkshire Dales

Darlington & Stockton Times


Outdoor Europe

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